About Us

Trust CostlessTravel to bring you reliable value for money travel deals.

A little bit more about us...

CostlessTravel is INDEPENDENT , why is that important, because our loyalty is with the best value suppliers and not deals made by head office who look at bottom line and profit.

Our priority is our clients, as we cannot afford multi million advertising programs, we rely upon old fashioned ‘ word of mouth’ - simply the Australian way of doing business, our roots are in good old Australian small business.

Yes we still remember the days that the Dollar was a lot of money - where you got value for your dollar.

Why are we cheaper??

Simple, we do not have the costs the of the ‘high street’ travel agent, and we do not belong to any monster multi national company that needs your money to pay the ‘fat cat’s’ $$$$$$ salaries. Think about this:

who pays for the fancy TV ads?
who pays for the expensive print media ads?
who pays for the prime real estate shops / offices
who pays the franchise fees?
who pays for the board of directors?
who pays the CEO’s salary?
who pays for the marketing team?
who does not get a wide of product base?


Why pay for something that you do not need, at CostlessTravel  we have never had the absurd costs that neither we nor our clients profit from. We have NO corporate executives demanding higher and bigger profits every year, NO fancy over priced shops or offices, NO over the TOP expensive advertising, NO CEO’s, NO pompous board with multi million pay packets - yeah you know the ones we have all seen on the current affairs and news programs.!

Did you know that when you visit a franchise or large multi office travel agency, that there policy is to sell you what they want - the preferred product - and that is not always the BEST product for you. They do this, because they have to, head office(s) and the Exec’s make deals with chosen elite suppliers - elite - because they are better - NO elite because they pay them some really nice OVERIDES!  In some cases that is all OK as many of the products that they represent are good quality products, but if they concentrate on THE PREFERRED product range, they may not offer a broad range of product and as such YOU MAY MISS OUT ON A BETTER PRODUCT OR PRICE.

Bottom line you may pay $$$$ more for the same or similar product, why let them - do not let them do to the travel industry what they have done too much of the retail industry.

WHY PAY MORE - for the same or similar product - they do not have any of their own products - they do not have their own planes / hotels / coaches / ships - all they do is re-sell or book product at an over inflated price, due to the MASSIVE overheads! WHY SHOULD YOU PAY for their overheads???

The choice is simple - book your next travel arrangement with the ‘old fashioned Australian small business’ - and save yourself $$$$$ in the process.





But don't take our word for it - visit a few travel agents find out for yourself  -  a different name, different shop front - different display but same offers and products - so how do you get a deal from that? How do you know that there isn't a better option for you - like shoes - travel is NOT a one size suits all. When all you are being offered is the same product in different wrapping paper?